Four arrested in shake-and-bake meth operation

Shawn Michael Stark, 25

Four Keokuk residents were arrested on Thursday on charges related to a shake-and-bake methamphetamine operation.

Kathy Sue Crowell, 56, Shawn Michael Stark, 25, Christen Mitchell Stark, 26, and Chad Lawrence Stark, 21, all of Keokuk, Iowa were arrested Thursday on felony and misdemeanor drug charges, the Lee County Narcotics Task Force said.

Each is charged with conspiracy to manufacture more than five grams of methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of a city park. The charge carries an additional five-year sentence if they are convicted. The four are also charged with manufacturing the drug in the presence of a minor, which also carries a five year sentencing enhancement.

If convicted, each faces up to thirty-seven years in prison.

Shawn Stark was also charged with child endangerment. If convicted he faces up to an additional five-years prison term.

Field Supervisor Adam Cates said he expects more arrests to stem from the ongoing investigation.