Forty Years of Excellence: Nan Ryan and her volunteers make Little People's a success

"After the first year we had 174 players and got good reception - Quincy loved it and the people loved being here,"

Its certainly not just the little golfers who love the Little People's Championships. Every year, when tournament week rolls around, Nan Ryan's legion of loyal volunteers is ready to go as well.

"For me its just a lot of fun. Its fun to meet the kids and see how good of golfers they are. There's a lot of camaraderie that goes on among the kids - also between the kids and Nan. They all want to come back and see her and say hello and see how everything is going,"

And the common trend among the tourney's staff is an appreciation for the tourney's founder - you can get to know Nan Ryan pretty well just by talking to those who know her best. Helping to provide Nan's personal touch is one of the main reasons they keep coming back.

"The kids know Nan before they get here - they talk to her and their folks talk to her, and when they come in she knows them. She knows their first names, where they've been, where they're going, their next tournament,"

"She will meet people, talk to the little kids and the big kids and they remember that. I think that's why a lot of them come back year after year is because of Nan,"

"She's been outstanding for the game. All of the things that make a tournament work, she knows and practiced and perfected that. She's just been a wonderful person for golf,"

"Nan's success truly comes from the heart - she cares about golf, she loves to play it, watch it and teach it, and she truly cares about people,"

Its been 40 years of setting the highest standard for junior golf. Nan and her volunteers would all agree - the efforts behind the scenes are always worth it.

"It just means that I've seen 22,000 kids go through here in the last 40 years. Its been a fascinating 40 years for me and I've loved every minute of it,"