Fort Madison's Prom Queen gets high praise

Amelia Powell after being crowned Prom Queen

Fort Madison Community High School, like most area high schools, hosts a prom and elects a prom court every year.

This year, they've elected a prom queen who stole the hearts of everyone at the school.

"If you have a bad day, and you see Amelia, you don't have a bad day anymore," Kristiana Wright, a student at Fort Madison Community High School, said about this year's prom queen, Amelia Powell.

"Amelia, I would say, epitomizes that whole thought process of what we would like a high school to be," Greg Smith, Amelia's principal said.

"It was so loud for her, everyone was clapping, and it was just a great feeling," Jaclyn Prado, a friend of the newly elected queen said.

Amelia Powell is exactly what you would expect from a prom queen. Her friends say she is kind, friendly, and never misses a school event.

"I've got a lot of friends who really like me and they're amazed like I am," said Amelia.

Her friends could not agree more, as they gushed with compliments about her character.

"She's just genuinely nice. She's never mean, I've never heard her say a mean word. She is completely her own person," Wright said.

"It's about how many people have you affected. And she affected a lot of our lives obviously," Prado commented about Amelia's win.

Principal Smith reminisces about his first encounters with the reigning queen. "From the moment I walked in the door Amelia was one of the first people to tell me welcome and how glad she was I was there," Smith said.

The moments leading up to the announcement were emotional for both Amelia and her mother.

"I was standing there trying to take pictures and there were girls there behind me saying 'I voted for Amelia I hope she gets it!'" said Christy Powell, Amelia's mother.

"Everybody and all my friends were out there. They cheered me on so I would get the queen, but you don't have to be queen you just act like being a princess," Amelia said about her big night.

Amelia was able to be crowned Queen of her senior prom by her sister.

"They see the same things in her that her family sees in her, that she's a very caring and giving person, and that she supports everybody else and this is their way of returning that. They're supporting her," Christy Powell said.

Amelia's advice for aspiring prom queens? "Follow your own heart and what makes you happy."