Fort Madison to elect its first full-term mayor since Steve Ireland

Brad Randolph will run against Donna Amandus in the Ft. Madison Mayoral race.

All eyes will focus on Fort Madison's mayoral race next week.

It's the first election since its former mayor Steve Ireland passed away in March of 2012.

The city council later appointed Brad Randolph to fill the vacancy. He's now running for his first full term as mayor. The East Peoria native spends his time between his dentist office in Burlington and City Hall in Fort Madison.

Some critics say the position is a full time job. Randolph says otherwise.

"If you lead well and you show good team work and good leadership skills then I don't think the city of Fort Madison, a town of 11,000, necessarily has to have a full-time mayor nor do I think that the city would want to pay for a full time mayor," Randolph said.

Randolph will run against Donna Amandus, who says she'll be more available to her constituents.

Amandus has lived in Fort Madison the last nine years and runs a pet grooming business out of her home called, Yuppy Puppy.

She walked the streets the last couple months asking for resident's concerns about the city's economy and ideas on how to rejuvenate places for children activities.

"Having new blood is always a good thing and seasoned politicians tend to forget what their focus should be and the focus should be on the people living in their cities," Amandus said.

Both mayoral candidates say their top priority will include bringing more businesses into the community.

Polls will open Tuesday from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. for Fort Madison residents.