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      Fort Madison Air Evac 59 gains new recognition

      On October 29, 2013, Lowell Gordy was out on his farm, working, like he does every day. But, that day took an unexpected turn.

      "We were working cattle and the cow knocked me down and stepped on me, slit my throat, open," Lowell Gordy, a former Air Evac 59 patient, said.

      Air Evac Lifeteam believes people who need help in rural areas should have access to healthcare just like those who live in the city.

      Gordy says Air Evac is the best insurance he's had.

      "What I remember the surgeon told me that he said, one centimeter either direction you could have been paralyzed for life or dead," Gordy said.

      He also says he understands why Air Evac 59 won the award for most improved base.

      "We have tried to increase our outreach education, we have actually improved our internal education, we've started a peer review group that helps our clinical team," Lisa Howell, Senior Program Director of Air Evac 59, said.

      One medic who was on Gordy's flight says teamwork is all it takes.

      "That award is really won based off of teamwork and it really goes back to everybody coming together the base as a whole, the nurses the medics the pilots, but even our community our hospitals, our EMS, our fire departments," Aaron Feagain, an Air Evac Medic, said.

      One nurse says being recognized makes it all worthwhile.

      "It's awesome, like Aaron said to make a difference in a patient's worse day of their life and you really just get to use all of the skills that you've built up over the course of your career," Rita Yackley, an Air Evac 59 nurse, said.

      The Fort Madison Air Evac team beat out more than 20 bases in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri.