Former hospital faces another structure problem

Former hospital faces another structure problem

A chain-locked door and sealed windows are a few adjustments made to the St. Elizabeth Hospital.

There's now an even bigger issue that recently opened up.

A sinkhole has now been added to the list of concerns the city of Hannibal has with the property.

City Attorney James Lemon is trying to make sure these problems are fixed but not all at once.

"That's not to down play the seriousness of the issue with the sinkhole," Lemon said.

He mentioned his main focus is to make sure the building is safe.

His main priority are kids going in and out of the building.

"There has been one, no, two fires that we think were started by kids," Lemon explained.

Lemon mentioned the neighboring property value decreases as the building continues to deteriorate.

"It's a major drain on the neighborhood quite frankly," Lemon pointed out.

KHQA reached out to the owner Steve Owsley who says he is aware of the sinkhole.

Owsley said he's currently in the financial process of selling the building.

He explained the buyers are from Wisconsin who want to turn the property into apartments.

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