Former Hannibal man indicted on sexual exploitation charges to make plea in court

Ian Burow

A former Boy Scout leader and Hannibal resident indicted on sexual exploitation charges pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to producing, receiving and distributing child pornography.

Ian Burow, 24, who now lives in Columbia, Missouri, is accused of posing as a woman on Facebook to trick scouts into sending pornographic photos online.

Burow admitted to using the name Sarah McGee to communicate with several Boy Scout members aged 14 to 17 both online and via cell phone.

Burow is believed to have deceived six minors and used a seventh for the production of child pornography.

Our sister station KRCG in Jefferson City, Mo. obtained a copy of court documents that say witnesses saw Burow carrying and displaying nude photos of young boys on his phone and at least one caught him in an inappropriate communication over the Internet. The court documents also state that when confronted, Burow falsly claimed he was working for the Boone County Sheriff's Department's Cyber Crimes Task Force - the same agency that investigated and arrested him.

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Burow pleaded guilty to a total of seven counts. He faces at least 15 years in prison without parole when he is sentenced.