Former Adams Co. probation officer now charged in federal court

A former Adams County probation officer's drug cause is moving to federal court.

John Grotts, 59, of Ursa, Ill. Is charged with maintaining a drug-involved premises.

Grotts appeared before U.S. District Magistrate Judge Byron Cudmore Wednesday at the federal courthouse in Springfield, Ill.

Grotts turned himself in to law enforcement Wednesday morning. The judge released Grotts on his own recognizance. He's scheduled to return to court June 29.

Grotts' home in the 200 block of Walker Street was made available for use or used to manufacture or use methamphetamine and marijuana, according to the criminal affidavit filed in court.

Items recovered from Grotts' home during the April 26 execution of a search warrant included items related to growing marijuana indoors and items used to manufacture or use methamphetamine and marijuana, and a number of firearms.

Grotts shared the home with a May 2012 graduate of the Adams County drug court program.

He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Now that he faces charges in a federal jurisdiction, Grotts won't face charges in Adams County, State's Attorney Jon Barnard said.