Forever Kelton Warrior Weekend

Kelton Christopher James Peter would have celebrated his first birthday Thursday.

Kelton died at 8 days old from a rare genetic disorder at St. Louis Children's Hospital. .

His family and friends will celebrate his life at the Forever Kelton Warrior weekend. The fundraiser will raise money for St. Louis Children's hospital in his memory.

Kelton had Trisomy 13, a genetic disorder where every cell in his body had a extra 13th chromosome.

It wasn't until after he was born that his parents Chris and Stephanie Peter learned that he had this genetic defect that is generally fatal within the first year of life.

"Your world just comes crashing down, all you know is my baby boy is going to die, it was going to be days not weeks or months," Stephanie Peter said. "It was very sad, had to tell him goodbye.

"You wanted one more day with him, you couldn't have it, as a mom you do what you can for your children. This was the best thing I could have done for home. I was so happy but so sad."

In the last few hours of his life, Kelton's family wanted him to be more comfortable away from the hospital room and way from the all the tubes.

"It was so nice to see when they took that breathing tube out and just breathe and relax," Peter said. "I got to hold him as a normal baby, he put his little hand on my chest, he got to do normal baby things."

Chris and Stephanie got to experience that in the garden at the hospital.

Kelton passed away peacefully in Stephanie arms.

"We did have all these dreams and he was supposed to be healthy, but he wasn't and God knew that. God had a plan for him and it was to help others. That was his reasoning," Peter said.

Kelton's eldest sister Victoria that came up with the idea and the name.

She found five dollars on the ground at the hospital, brought it up to the hospital room and said this if the first donation in the Forever Kelton Fund. She said she didn't want to see any other babies go through what her brother did.

There are many ways that you can be a part of the Forever Kelton Warrior Weekend.

Kelton's Warrior Weekend is a three day event to raise money for the St. Louis Children's Hospital.

It kicks off Friday night with a birthday party at Gem City Gymnastics and Poker Run on Saturday.

Due to heavy rain, the Golf outing previously scheduled for this Friday night was rescheduled for Friday, April 26.

You can find all the Forever Kelton information here.