Folks recover from severe storm in Quincy

The Tri-States is recovering from what many are calling a colossal storm.

The city of Quincy is under a State of Emergency.

Mayor John Spring issued the proclamation Monday during a press conference at City Hall.

We received phone calls from Quincy residents asking if they needed to buy cases of water. Mayor John Spring told us on KHQA's News at 5, there's no need to do that.

All hotels in Quincy have been booked solid for Monday night. Now, residents are cleaning up the mess the storm left behind.

Michael Otten woke up with a start Monday morning as lightening stuck this tree and crashed into his home.

Otten said, "We heard a thud. We went to the front door and as you can see we didn't get much further than that."

That's the story for many folks waking up all over the area today.

Tree limbs and tree trunks were flung everywhere as this powerful storm swept through the city.

Many streets in the city were completely blocked off by hundred year old trees, which made for problems getting around.

Others like Marge Blair won't have any way to get around even when the streets get cleared off.

The weather radio woke her up, then this tree crashed into her garage smashing her car.

Meanwhile streets were closed not only due to downed trees, but due to downed wires all over the city of Quincy.

Many of those downed wires are still not marked. Ameren crews are struggling to get to all the downed wires, and to reestablish electricity.

City and County emergency crews are working throughout the area to clean up debris along the roads.

Quincy's main streets, including its snow routes are taking first priority.

City officials say cleaning up road debris should take a few days. But Mayor Spring says it will be weeks before the city is back to normal.