Flu vaccines provide extra protection this year

This year, select vaccines carry a fourth strain for extra protection against the flu

We now have more vaccine options than we have ever had against influenza. This fall, some brands promise a little extra protection.

"The vaccine we've given in previous years, it was called a trivalent, meaning it had three separate vaccine viruses in it," Jan Hummel, with the Adams County Health Department said.

This year, select vaccines carry a fourth strain for extra protection against the flu, called the quadravalent. These four-in-one vaccines are so new that they'll make up only a fraction of the nation's supply of vaccines, so if you want a dose, you should start looking now.

"Unfortunately, this vaccine is being produced in very small quantities and we here at the Adams County Health Department did order that vaccine but have not been able to get it and we do not anticipate being able to receive it this calendar year," Hummel said.

The health department does however, carry a four-strain vaccine in a nasal spray form. Children ages 2 to 18 can receive the spray at the Adams County Health Department.

Allergic to eggs? Egg-free shots are hitting the market, too. Plus there's growing interest in shots brewed just for the 65-and-older crowd, and a brand that targets the needle-phobic with just a skin-deep prick.

"Remember, there are thousands of people who die, thousands of healthy people who die and we even see kids die from influenza virus each year," Hummel said.

So, even if it's not a perfect match year, you're still giving yourself protection.

The next flu shot clinics will be held in Liberty and Mendon, Illinois on Tuesday, Oct. 1. You can view the schedule



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