Florists ready for busy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of the busiest times of the year for florists.

Have you ever wondered what goes into delivering bouquets all over the Tri-States?

From blooms to balloons, Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year for florists like Gibney Sims Flowers owner Amber Baxter.

She says the key to success on this day of love is preparation. Click here to learn more about the planning process from KHQA This Morning.

When do you start planning?

"On February 15 we begin preparing for the next year!" said Baxter. "We will be here the 15th taking down notes about what went well, what didn't and figuring out how much to order next year."

Baxter places orders for Valentines Day flowers in December.

It's hard to believe, but blooms travel thousands of miles to make it to your home.

"They come from South America by plane into Miami," said Baxter. "Then they are shipped to St,. Louis and are trucked to our supplier in Quincy. Then our supplier ships them down to us."

When bundles of buds arrive at Gibney Sims, florists cut and prep them. A short time later they find their way into arrangements.

Co-owner Mike Baxter is one of the primary delivery drivers on Valentine's Day. For him it's all about logistics and organization. Arrangements are sorted according to geographic location - then loaded accordingly. Click here to hear the entire process from Baxter from KHQA This Morning.

Baxter says it's well worth the work.

"To see a person's face light up and knowing that you helped make that person's day with that delivery, it feels great," said Mike Baxter.

If you were lucky enough to get flowers this Valentine's Day it comes down to maintenance to keep them looking beautiful longer. The Baxters suggest clipping flowers back a half inch every day and changing the water daily. Click here to get tips to keep flowers looking their best from KHQA This Morning.

KHQA featured Gibney-Sims Flowers in Hannibal Valentine's Day morning, showing you what goes into delivering buds of love to couples all over town. Click here to watch more from the show.

Red roses are always the most popular flower for Valentine's Day. Gibney-Sims owners Mike and Amber Baxter say other top trends for this year's Valentine's Day holiday include flowers with bright colors and star gazer lillies. Click here to watch more about floral trends for 2014 from KHQA This Morning.

In 2013, helium balloons were not available because helium was in short supply. There is no helium shortage this year. Click here to hear more about that from KHQA This Morning.