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      Flanagan South Pipeline almost complete

      At one time, more than a thousand workers were in the Tri-States working on the Flanagan South Pipeline.

      Now, about 50 remain.

      "As of now, we are pretty much done with construction of the 600 mile pipeline, we are down to the last two miles remaining under construction, the last two miles are actually the crossing of the Mississippi River here in Quincy," Lara Burhenn, the Community Relations Advisor for Enbridge Energy Company, Inc. said.

      Enbridge will connect the pipeline by a special drill.

      "Itâ??s a directional drill underneath the Mississippi River, this is two miles that we are drilling about 60 feet underneath the Mississippi," Burhenn said.

      It took more than three years to plan this project.

      One, because of its length and also because it would become neighbors with an existing pipeline that's been in the ground for more than 50 years.

      The Flanagan South pipeline is a much bigger project than its predecessor, the Spearhead Pipeline.

      The pump station in Quincy, has four pumps and will be able to move crude oil down the line at the speed of 6,000 horse power per pump.

      Enbridge's presence will be felt less and less over the next couple of weeks as they come and go, but they say the long term effects will help everyone.