Fix or flatten apartment building in Hannibal

It's an issue that's faced the City of Hannibal for years, what to do about old, run down buildings that pose a threat to public safety.

There are many buildings that are on the "watch" list, one building on the city's south side is getting the attention of neighbors and city building inspectors.

It's an apartment building at 801 Union Street.

And when Jeff Smashey leaves his house everyday, he drives right past the old apartment building. He thinks it's a danger to the neighborhood.

"Everybody is worried about it falling in. It looks awful and something needs to be done about it yeah," Smashey said.

If you look close, there are major problems with the building. Some cosmetic and some that appear to be more troubling. Smashey said no one has lived in the building for at least four or five years and now he thinks something needs to be done. He's afraid it will become a haven for kids or even someone who might be homeless.

"I mean it's ridiculous looking to be in the neighborhood. I mean I hope they tear it down I really do," Smashey added.

He hopes it will be torn down, but the question then comes up as to who is responsible for the demolition. The city has limited funds for demolitions like this and sometimes a property owner can't be found or contacted and that puts a project like this on the slow track to resolution instead of moving quickly to rid the area of what many consider to be an eyesore and safety issue.

The status of the property has been discussed at a recent building commission meeting and at this point, it is not known when or if the building will be demolished.