Five shot Saturday morning in Keokuk

Keokuk Police Chief Tom Crew / Photo by: Brooke Hasch

UPDATED with photos: August 23 at 9:03 a.m.

A press conference was held Monday morning.

KHQA's Brooke Hasch was able to speak with the Keokuk Police Chief Tom Crew to gather more details about the shooting.

We were told that the call came into the Keokuk Police Department at 1:42 a.m. for a disturbance. The initial call was for a fight in progress at L-Treyn's located at 1108 Main Street, but when the police arrived on scene, shots had already been fired outside and the crowd was dispersing.

They know at least 5 shots were fired, however, they don't know how many more shots there may have been.

Two victims were transferred by ambulance to Keokuk Area Hospital and the other three victims were transported by their own vehicles. No injuries were life threatening.

Two of the victims are still in the hospital as of Monday morning.

Two out of the five victims were female.

The next step in the investigation is for Police Chief Tom Crew to meet with the Keokuk Fire Chief Mark Wessel about crowd control. It was reported that 85 to 90 people were at L-Treyn's and that would have been over the legal limit for occupancy. The actual legal limit is unknown at this time.

Investigators have not released any information about the shooters or the number of shooters.

It is known, however, that some of the victims were directly involved in the fight.

If you have any information you are encouraged to call the Keokuk Police Department at 319-524-2741.

Click here to read the official press release.


The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation is investigating a shooting that happened in Keokuk early Saturday morning. It happened near 11th and Main at L-Treyn's bar a little before 2:00 a.m. Police blocked off Main street for most of the day.

This was the scene Saturday morning at 1108 Main Street in Keokuk. Evidence tags line the sidewalk and across the street into the Family Video parking lot. The Division of Criminal Investigation arrived before noon to look at and process evidence.

"We've basically picked up most of the physical evidence so they will do the other investigatory, the down and dirty stuff," said Keokuk Mayor Tom Marion.

Three of the five victims were transported to Iowa City. None of them suffer from life threatening injuries despite the blood splattered on the sidewalks.

"It's pretty much a big surprise, a big shock. I live in a small town for a reason and I think we like the town of Keokuk, but we noticed it's been shrinking in size, businesses are leaving. This is definitely not going to help," said Warsaw resident Tea Cameron.

The Family Video across the street was closed for most of the day.

"Do you think this will hurt business at all? Umm... No, I don't think it'll hurt our business at all. Today obviously its going to just put us back a little," said assistant manager Michelle Means.

It still might be a while before the town is at ease.

"Really, didn't, kind of believe it, like seriously? It just happened right, right in our neighborhood. It's not some place a friend of mine -- we're going to go and dance... Not now," said Cameron.

Keokuk Police Chief Tom Crew will be holding a press conference Monday morning.