Fishing without bait

Hook, line and sinker...all are essential for a successful fishing trip, but isn't something missing?

Not for one LaGrange man.

Last year Russell Heindselman caught 300 pounds of catfish without much more than this.

Heindselman said, "This is the drop, that's a brass swivel and a stainless steel hook."

And that's it.

Heindselman said. "About two years ago, when I would quit fishing in the morning, take the fish off, that night I'd have two or three fish on the trot line. I thought they didn't get all the bait off, but then I found out they were biting on a bare hook."

Heindselman has 33 hooks on each line in several of the ponds on his property.

Heindselman said, "They'll bite on this without using any bait what-so-ever. It's the sunshine shining on that chrome hook and the wave action of the waves. Plus that first fish that gets on, he really jiggles that whole trot line from one end to the other. So if you've got 33 hooks, on there you've got 33 lures."

He doesn't know if he's started something new...but one thing's for sure.

Heindselman said, "This is a sure fire way of catching fish without hardly any effort what-so-ever."