First kayak races held on Quincy Bay


Twin Oaks Club in conjunction with the Five Mile Club held their first kayak race Sunday on the Quincy Bay.

The course consisted of a one mile loop and could be viewed in its entirety from the balcony of the Twin Oaks Club.

Up for grabs was a shiny new trophy that went to the first individual finisher.

Event coordinator Robert Nall says holding the event in the Quincy Bay was a no brainer, especially considering the rich watersport history the bay has.

"So the kayak's a shallow water boat anyways, it's perfect, it's a safe place to have it, you don't have current, you're basically out of strong winds kind of sitting here," said Nall.

Nall says Twin Oaks Club has every intention of holding the event from here on out, and eventually splitting the kayaks up into different classes, based on length and width.

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