First ever for Quincy Public Library

Photo Credit: Photo by Justen Arnold

The Quincy Public Library received its very first Braille children's books.

Thanks to a donation by the Quincy Noon Kiwanis, 36 books and other Braille materials were available for purchase.

The books look just like your normal children's book, except while the parents read out loud, their kids can follow along in Braille.

The Library had the materials on display and children also had the chance to try out the CCTV reader, an assistance device for the visually impaired.

Library staff are proud to support programs and have materials and services available for people with disabilities.

"Having these Braille children's materials is a very unique thing for the Quincy Public Library we have not had in the past, and we think it's going to serve 2 audiences, you know children that are visually impaired that want to learn Braille and experience what Braille is like can check these materials out, in addition groups that want to just raise awareness of this type of reading material can also check them out," said Julie Boll, Marketing and event coordinator for Quincy Public Library.

In addition to the new Braille collection, the library assists eligible individuals with the Talking Books for the Blind and Physically Handicapped program.

This *free* program offers access to the largest audio-book database in the world.

Home delivery of library materials are also available to anyone who's temporarily or permanently unable to visit the library.

Anyone interested in these service, call 223-1309.