First day brings positive news for NEMO's Culver-Stockton

A local college has managed to see its enrollment go up during this recovering economy.

Culver-Stockton College for a second year in a row is looking at a freshman class of more than 300 students.

Total enrollment is expected to sit at 850 students, which is a ten percent increase from last year.

Freshman students moved in this past week, and include international students from the Netherlands, Argentina, Liberia and Australia.

Jasper Wieling is a transfer student from the Netherlands and he is excited for the new opportunities at C-SC.

"I had never heard about this school until I got in touch with the basketball coach here and he gave me an opportunity to come here and play basketball, so I'm very grateful for that," said Wieling.

Emma Bozarth is a freshman, and enjoys the environment on campus.

"I think it's great that it's such a small school, and that they're known for so many things going on here, and all the sports and clubs," Bozarth said.

Monday was the first day of classes for the campus.