Fireworks businesses fizzle as storm blows through

Meanwhile the winds wrecked havoc for fireworks tents across the Tri-States.

Folks at the Compton Fireworks stand were looking forward to an explosive business year. Now what was their prized merchandise is soggy and ruined. Workers began cleaning up Monday...throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of the goods into the trash.

Justin Compton says his family had almost no warning before the storm blew in early Monday.

Compton said, "We tightened the sides and it only lasted four minutes before we lost the tent. It was sickening watching the sheets of rain come down and wind shaking the truck, rocking it. It was fierce."

Heavy winds blew the tent away leaving the merchandise exposed."

Compton said, "Looking at this it's devastating. But seeing the people here to help, it's awesome. These guys were customers last night and came to help today."

But the Comptons aren't giving up, more inventory has already been ordered and a new tent is on the way. The stand expects to be back open Wednesday at the latest.

Down the road, the Frese family's fireworks stand saw some damage...but nearly everything was saved thanks to a phone call from a family member, also working as a storm spotter.

Frese said, "He had gone to the other side of Palmyra and saw what was going on. We've been doing this a lot of years. We've held down tents, we've ridden out storms, but he told us to not even try it it was so bad. We backed up trucks and took what we could."

In just 15 minutes family members were able to move most of its merchandise into these water tight trailers.

It was worth the work. When the storm came it collapsed the tent and tore it in half.

Frese said, "It will be a lot of work for us with the holiday just a couple of days away. We didn't lose very much stuff."

A new tent is on the way. The family expects to re-open Tuesday, providing fireworks to customers when many fireworks stands are still recovering.

Regardless of the length of recovery both families say they will come out of this in time for the holiday weekend.

Frese Fireworks should be back open as we speak.

Copton's should reopen Wednesday.