Firefighters try to extinguish breast cancer

You can help the Quincy Fire Department raise money for Blessing's Breast Cancer Center.

Shirts will be on sale at Central Fire Station at 9th and Vermont.

Firefighter Michael Dade designed the shirts.

He incorporated the breast cancer ribbon with a firefighter climbing a ladder.

Chief Joe Henning is proud to team up with Blessing's Cancer Center to keep the money in the community.

"There's actually an increase in the prevalence of breast cancer among men firefighters, as well as the issues with female firefighters. So, we thought we'd give part in a state wide movement last year to come up with a breast cancer t-shirt to help local area. We had so much success we decided to make it an annual event," Henning said.

You can buy the shirts at Central Fire Station for $15.
They have up to a XXXL.

There is a booth outside the station Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday where you can stop by and pick up a shirt.

The booth is open until 7 p.m.