Firefighters respond to Sprout's Inn, again

Burn marks in the kitchen

Quincy firefighters responded to Spouts Inn at 2814 N 12th St.

When Sprout's Inn owner Jennifer Wiemelt received a phone call this morning, she never expected to hear that the restaurant had yet another fire.

"I didn't accept the call from my husband, and then I called him back, and he said it was on fire, and I was like...freaking out, definitely freaking out. We called the fire department immediately because fires seem to be kind of a curse right now with us," said Wiemelt.

The fire department responded to the restaurant shortly after 10 a.m.

Assistant Fire Chief James Pioch describes what they discovered.

"It looks like the fire was limited to behind the wall and over a period of time, the heat from the stove radiated though the stainless steel. I don't know if a particular type of construction or the materials they used contributed or not, I've got investigators looking at that right now. But it was not electrical, I think that's what some people may have thought at first. But it was just radiating heat, dryed out of on the beams, and over time heated it, and today was the day it caught fire."

Even Pioch was surprised to hear about the fire.

"Besides "Oh no not again." Well, they said it was in the wall, which is exactly how the last one started too. Our plan was just to rip off whatever we had to, and stop it before it got in the attic," Pioch said.

The building was originally destroyed in June of 2012, while last March a Quincy teen set fire to the new building during construction.

Wiemelt hopes this is the last time she has to deal with any more fire at Sprout's.

"I pretty much thought everything was fire proof here, because we took every precaution to make sure this never happens again. It's been too many fires in the past year, that's for sure," said Wiemelt.

The incident damaged a one foot by three foot area in the restaurant.

Wiemelt said very few customers were in the building at the time of the fire.

The restaurant was closed for about an hour before it was back to business as usual.