Fired: National gun magazine cans editor, PASA Park owner

Former Guns & Ammo Editor and PASA Park President Dick Metcalf, seen here at an August 2012 speaking engagement in Quincy, was fired after penning a controversial article for the magazine.

A Guns & Ammo magazine editor resigned after publishing an article penned by Barry's PASA Park President Dick Metcalf.

Editor Jim Bequette quit Thursday after an angered readership decried an

op-ed piece written by Metcalf

titled, "Let's Talk Limits: Do certain firearms regulations really constitute infringement?"

The magazine also severed its relationship with Metcalf who was described in

Bequette's published apology

as a contributing editor and veteran writer for the monthly magazine.

Metcalf declined to comment saying he's received calls from numerous media outlets.

The controversy erupted after Metcalf suggested that while Second Amendment to the Constitution guaranteed that the government cannot infringe on a citizen's right to own firearms, it doesn't mean the industry isn't subject to government regulation.

"I bring this up because way too many gun owners still seem to believe that any regulation of the right to keep and bear arms is an infringement," he said. The fact is, all constitutional rights are regulated, always have been, and need to be. Freedom of speech is regulated. You cannot falsely and deliberately shout, "fire!" in a crowded theater."

Metcalf is known locally for his long-time involvement in PASA Park in Barry. The gun range is located west of Barry on Illinois Highway 106.

Metcalf was also an advocate for the conceal carry legislation that passed through the Illinois legislature in July. Metcalf referenced the state in the piece citing a 16-hour classroom requirement that permit owners must complete before they're issued the new permit.

"Many say that's excessive â?? an inherent infringement. I don't,â?? he wrote. â??But I'd like it to be good training.â??

Bequette tendered his resignation saying the outcry over the piece hastened his already planned departure from the magazine that was scheduled to take place in January. He called response to Metcalf's piece â??unprecedented.â??

â??Dick Metcalf has had a long and distinguished career as a gunwriter, but his association with Guns & Ammo has officially ended,â?? Bequette wrote. â??I once again offer my personal apology. I understand what our valued readers want. I understand what you believe in when it comes to gun rights, and I believe the same thing.â??