Firearms sales up

More people are buying firearms these days.

While sales of guns for hunting and recreation are always steady, there's an increase in people buying handguns.

John Jefferson is the store manager at Gamemasters in Quincy and has 30 years of law enforcement experience.

He says people are buying handguns like this these days for personal and home security. Many of them are women.

John Jefferson, Gamemasters Store Manager said, "I think people are seeing the civil unrest going around the country and in the world and people just feel uneasy about what's happening and simply want the personal comfort of owning a firearm to protect themselves with."

Jefferson says while it is our right to have guns in our homes, they come with huge responsibility.

It's important to check all the laws in your state in regards to guns before you purchase one.

Illinois is the only state to prohibit conceal and carry - in fact you have to have a FOID card to even purchase one.

Also make sure you always secure your guns out of the reach of children.