Firearms deer season begins in Illinois

The 2008 Illinois Firearms Deer Season began today and runs through Sunday, November 23. it also picks back up for four days of hunting December 4 through the 7.

Nearly 350 thousand permits have been issued to hunters for this firearms season.

In 2007 hunters harvested more than 117,000 deer. That number is expected to be just as high this year.

We caught up with successful hunter Randy Aldridge from Maryland at the South Fork Outfitters Lodge in Mendon.

He shot an eleven point buck near Lima this morning.

Successful hunters are required to register their kill online at or by phoning into 1-866-IL-CHECK.

Hunters also have to be safe in the field. The number one cause of hunting accidents is falling from a deer stand. Last year there were 29 reported hunting accidents in Illinois. Twelve of those were tree stand falls.