Fire training in college dorms

Students at Culver Stockton College came face-to-face with fire Friday, August 13th.

That's because Canton Fire and Rescue, along with Culver's Campus Safety, taught 21 members of the residential life staff how to help prevent fires in campus dorms, and get Culver students out safely in case of fire.

But these tips don't apply only to Culver students.

Jarod Wells found out what these college students learned, and what your college students need to know for this KHQA Safe Family report.

Campus Safety Director Mike Bringer said, "I told the students today, if they take nothing else away from this training, what they need to take away is that fire is fast."

The fire started in some trash in the corner of the room. In less than ten seconds the fire alarm sounded and the flames escalated quickly from there.

The mock dorm had almost collapsed within four minutes.

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Culver Senior Lance Smith said, "Coming over here and seeing this dorm go up as quick as it did, I had no idea."

Culver Sophomore Sean McAvoy said, "The dorm room went up so quickly, and that's just a normal dorm room, they didn't add any combustibles. I know in my dorm room, that thing, if I'm sleeping that's going to go up very quickly."

Bringer said, "Fire spreads very quickly, and how we react with the first initial minute or so will determine whether or not the building goes down or if it stays intact."

So how do you prevent a fire from happening in your child's dorm room.

Bringer said, "We want them to do the same things they do at home. Not plug in multiple extension cords and, of course, do not use an extension cord for a permanent wire fixture, that's very dangerous. Keep their room free of clutter, basically a lot of trash that's not taken out, clutter, creates fire load and we want to reduce that as much as possible."

This is the second year Culver Stockton College has teamed with Canton Fire and Rescue to host the fire academy.