Fire house visits Quincy elementary school

In an emergency, how you handle yourself could be the difference between life and death. And being prepared has a lot to do with how you handle yourself.

This week is Fire Prevention Week and the Quincy Fire Department is out to get you prepared in the event of a house fire, but they're not teaching the adults.

It's the sound you hope you never have to hear ... the smoke detector in your house going off. Would you know what to do? Students at Ellington School in Quincy got a visit from the Quincy Fire Department's Fire Safety House.

"The first thing we do is we have our firefighter go in and talk to them about smoke detectors and what they need to do to get out of the house," firefighter Jerry Mast said.

Then they practice.

"We put a little smoke in there and we simulate a warm door so they can't go out the door. That shows them they need to have second way out which is a window," Mast said.

"It was really fun, but it was also scary," Sydney Sherman, a third grader said.

"There was smoke and it was beeping," third grader Brock Evans said.

Only third and fifth graders get to go through the Fire Safety House.

The reason? Kids at this age can comprehend what's going on and practice it. More importantly, they can take what they've learned home and teach their parents.

For example, Sydney has this advice for home.

"Mom, make sure you check your smoke detectors once a month and smoke rises, so we should crawl out of bed if we have a fire," Sydney said.

Once the students make it out of the house and find their meeting place, they call 911.

And we leave you with this advice, there's no better time than now to make sure you know how your windows open.

The fire department will go to two schools each day this week teaching kids about fire safety.