Fire engulfs rural Marion Co. home

A couple in rural Marion County, Missouri lost their home to a fire Wednesday night. No one was in the home when neighbors called 911 to report seeing smoke.

Marion County R2, Western Lewis County, R4 out of Ewing, Maywood and Palmyra fire departments all responded to help contain the fire. Unfortunately the house could not be salvaged.

Fire Chief Kevin Ransom explained, "Even before the call came in it was probably a total loss."

Emergency services notified Luther and Betty Rollins that firefighters had responded to a call at their home. When they arrived at the scene, their home was in flames.

Luther Rollins explained that the memories he lost are the hardest part,"My wife and I have been married over 50 years and we had a lot of memorabilia in there and its all gone, so that's the roughest thing."

Luther says he still feels lucky because he and his wife were not home when they fire started, "It's the house that burned down and not me."

The Marion County Red Cross is providing the family with place to stay tonight.

Dwaine Wilkerson, a volunteer with Red Cross commented, "Our first priority is to take care of their immediate needs." They are asking for cash or check donations to support their operations, because they do not have the means to handle clothing and food donations.

Strong winds and smoldering embers from the fire kept the firefighters at the scene well past 10 pm. Marion County R2 is sending a patrol to check the area regularly to make sure the dry grass surrounding the property does not catch fire overnight. Firefighters were able to save a nearby car and outbuilding from catching fire.