Fire call evacutes residents of Timber Point Healthcare Center

Timber Point Healthcare Center residents and staff awaiting all clear from the fire department.

Emergency vehicles lined the entrance to

Timber Point Healthcare Center

late Saturday afternoon.

Adams County Emergency Management

Director John Simon responded to the emergency call.

"There was a fire in the basement of the Timber Point Healthcare Center," Simon said. "Prompted the fire alarm. The fire department responded. There was smoke visible upon arrival."

Fifty-one residents sat outside of their home while emergency responders took care of a dryer fire in the basement.

Timber Point Healthcare Center maintenance supervisor Donald Steinkuhler explained what happened.

"One of the heating elements in one of the


caught on fire and it filled the building full of smoke," Steinkuhler said.

Residents sat outside the building for more than an hour while the fire department made sure everything was safe.

"The smoke was in the front portion of the building," Simon said. "The back has been cleared by the fire department. It is safe to go back in. And so we're moving those residents."

And it will probably be a few days before they can move back to their rooms.

"We get our staff to be called in to help clean up," Steinkuhler said. "The floors, walls, everything's got to be cleaned out before we can put any residents back in where its safe."

Donald Steinkuhler who is also the Timber Point safety officer, is pleased with the way the staff handled the fire.

"We have our training meetings, sessions every month on every shift because you don't know what shift it's going to be," Steinkuhler said. "They done a real good job. I can't do nothing but praise them."

The residents will live in the south portion of the building until it is safe for them to move back.