Finding the right pair

Holiday shopping may be over, but Jamie Blaesing with Carl's Shoes says his store his still busy. That's because shoppers are looking for a good pair of snow boots.

"We've been real busy the holiday season, before Christmas, during the holiday season. We were really busy with the Ug boots. They're something you can wear that keeps your feet warm. They're popular, which helps us out at the moment. And then we've noticed within the last week or so people are looking for snow boots,"said Blaesing.

Deb Carstens is one of those shoppers. She spent a few hours looking for boots she could find anywhere else.

"I knew what I wanted, but the biggest problem was finding them in my size. Every store I went to, there was maybe 1 or 2 pairs left or the really small sizes were left. I didn't have much luck anywhere else," said Carstens.

That's why Blaesing says his store tries to keep plenty of styles and sizes in stock for the shoe fanatic and the procrastinator.

Q:Were just caught off guard by all the snow?

"I mean you know it's coming, obviously you pay attention to the weather reports and all, but I haven't bought a good pair of boots in a long time," Carstens said.

"You just never know how much snow you're going to get and when you're going to get it. A lot of people like myself wait til the last minute to see what you need...I had a customer come in yesterday and the outsole had completely separated from the bottom of her shoes, so she definitely needed a new pair of boots," said Blaesing.

And if its price you're worried about, Blaesing says you don't have to sacrifice comfort for price. Your feet can stay cozy at a comfortable price.

Blaesing says when looking for a good snow boot, consider how much time you spend outside. Look for something that will keep your feet dry and warm.