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      Final sentence issued in large NEMO meth conspiracy bust

      The last of eleven people charged with methamphetamine conspiracy charges was sentenced Friday.

      Felicia Lea Shults, 36, Ewing, Mo., was sentenced to 84 months in prison by United States District Judge Jean C. Hamilton.

      The illegal activities occurred between 2009 and 2012 in Lewis County.

      The following co-defendants were previously sentenced in February and March:

      Robert E. Cookson, 42, Quincy, Ill., 24 months in prisonTimothy Howard Vonholt, 52, Quincy, Ill., 12 months and one day prison

      The following defendants received five years of probation:

      Kevin Lee Shults, 57, Ewing, Mo.Kitty Kay Shults, 59, Ewing, Mo.Billie J. Bryan, 41, Hannibal, Mo.Sean Michael Bryan, 35, Hannibal, Mo.Stacy Francis Derecskey, 26, Canton, Mo.Robert Leroy McKim, Jr. 36, LaGrange, Mo.Christopher C. Robbins, 35, LaBelle, Mo.Erick Dennis Winship, 32, LaGrange, Mo.

      The defendants previously pled guilty to various charges including conspiracy to possess pseudoephedrine for the manufacture of methamphetamine, possession of pseudoephedrine for the manufacture of methamphetamine and distribution of methamphetamine.

      This case was investigated by the Lewis County Sheriff's Department and the Northeast Missouri Drug Task Force.