Fighting hunger one bowl at a time

A local soup kitchen sponsored a fundraiser Sunday to bring awareness to a growing epidemic. Its plan--to fight hunger one bowl at a time.

"It feels good to know that I could help them, especially since if I was that kid I would be really sad to not know where my next meal was coming from," Sophie Stephens, a sixth grader from Baldwin Intermediate School, said.

Sophie's school was just one of the many in Quincy that hand painted 1,000 bowls. It was part of the Horizon Social Services Empty Bowl fundraiser to combat hunger.

"We're very blessed to be operating in a community that cares so much about giving back," Horizon Social Services executive director Sarah Stephens said.

The hand-painted bowls are used as a reminder to residents of all the people going hungry in the community.

"Last year, in 2011, we served 22,000 meals to some of the poorest disadvantaged people here in our community," Stephens said.

Local residents want that number to come down.

"The response has been amazing," Stephens said. "We sold 800 tickets before the event even began and we have 1,000 tickets to sell."

"To know that my donation is going to such a great cause really makes me feel good," Quincy resident Laura McReynolds said.

New reports from Feeding America show that one in four children living in Adams County are unsure of where their next meal will come from.