Fido takes playing fetch to another level

Clint Mann opened Cold Tree Kennels in 2011. It's a retriever training facility that specializes in the training and handling of competition retrievers.

She doesn't move as fast as she would like but seven-year-old Penny still has it in her.

"She competed her whole life," Clint Mann said. "She just retired a couple of years ago."

Penny use to compete in duck retrieving competitions all over the nation. Mann is her trainer and owner. He runs Cold Tree Kennels in Philadelphia, Mo.

"My dad has always been a big dog guy and I kind of watched him do it and I followed in his footsteps and took it to the next level," he said.

Cold Tree specializes in the training and handling of competitions retrievers but it also offer simple obedience lessons.

Mann trains a variety of dogs from a variety of owners.

"We've trained dogs from U.S. Senators to people in the Bush Administration, major league baseball players, NFL football players, and just everyday people."

He's even trained some pups that have been sent to Iraq for military operations.

"Everyday they get up and they don't complain," Mann said. "They'll work whether their legs are broke or whether they're sick that day or whatever. They just really want to do their job, they just live to work for you."

"It's amazing to see what they can do," Cold Tree Kennels employee Anthony Bock said. "They have a lot to learn and you just have to pursue that and keep it steady and they'll take it right up."

But for Mann and his crew these dogs are more than canine competitors, they're family.

Mann typically has his clients' dogs for almost 10 months during competition and training season. Once those are done the pups go back home to their owners.

"Yeah it's kind of sad for me," he said. "You do get very attach to them for sure when you work with them everyday."

No matter what time of season, he'll always have Penny. A retired retriever, that despite her old age will always be young at heart.

"She gave me all she had for 10 years," Mann said.

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