Fence cut, horse and her baby missing

      Photo taken when the four month old colt was first born.

      Seeing a sign posted about a missing cat or dog is common, but what about a sign for a missing horse?

      For one Quincy area couple, that's become a reality.

      Some time after 8 p.m. Thursday night, that couple's fence was cut down the middle.

      Now, a black mare and her 4-month-old colt are missing.

      Adams County Sheriff's department found hoof prints leading from the back of the pasture, up a steep hill, and down 48th street. About a half mile down the road the hoof prints disappeared.

      "These were show horses, but really in our case, they were just pets. The baby was just four-months-old and so it was just a big pet. Both of them were just big pets to us, so the emotional side is tough," owner David Clinard said.

      A plea for information or help is posted on the

      Lost and Found Pets of Adams County


      The mare is micro-chipped and both horses are DNA tested.

      If you have information, please contact the Sheriff's Department at 217-277-2200.