Feline February

Cats tend to get a bad rap. People who aren't cat fans sometimes think they're mean or boring, but the Quincy Humane Society is calling February the month of the feline.

Lindsey Klobe with the Quincy Humane Society used to think that, too ... until she started working with them at the organization.

They are sponsoring two new programs this month, dedicated to cats.

"I was one of those people, but cats definitely have a distinct personality," Klobe said. "They're definitely smart, they have hilarious personalities, they're really easy to hang out with and take care of and they want affection from you just like any other pet."

That's why Klobe and the Quincy Humane Society want you to get past the cat stigma and adopt a feline for free. The organization is waiving its adoption fee for adult cats this month.

"We see a lot of adult cats at the shelter," Klobe said. "They are our hardest animals to adopt out, we have lots of them on a waiting list to come in and it's really sad because usually the cats are at the shelter through no fault of their own."

If you already have a cat, the Quincy Humane Society wants to make sure you have it fixed. The society is sponsoring a new program called Beat the Heat.

"If anyone has a female cat, we can spay and vaccinate the cat for $20, which is more then half off our normal fee," Klobe said. "By getting your female cats fixed, you're preventing lots of unwanted kittens. If you leave just one male and one female cat together unfixed, you could have over 2 million animals in just 8 years. So it's very easy to see how the pet population problem gets out of control."

Money to sponsor Beat the Heat came from a PetSmart Charities grant.

Appointments for the Beat the Heat program are filling up fast. Call 217-223-8786 for an appointment.