Federal prisoner housing plan gets green light from Adams County Board


Adams County Sheriff's Department

has cleared another hurdle in its plan to house federal prisoners at the county jail.

On Tuesday night the

Adams County Board

gave it's approval to the plan submitted by Sheriff Brent Fischer.

Because of tight finances the department has been forced to make several cuts including personnel.

Housing federal prisoners would create a new revenue stream for the department.

Sheriff Fischer says that right now there are 10 or more Adams County residents facing federal charges but being housed somewhere else. And that means the county is losing out financially.

"Right now those Adams County people that we've charged on a federal level, we would be housing right here in Adams County and getting reimbursed plus over and above any reimbursement we would get for that. So we see that as an advantage," he said.

Sheriff Fischer says there is no set timeline for the program to start in Adams County.

There are still several steps that need to be finalized including a walk through by the

Marshal's Service
, finalizing a contract and determining where the additional revenue would be spent.

One possibility would be reinvesting it into the jail for needed improvements.