Feasibility study for school consolidation

A study has shown it is feasible for three Western Illinois schools to "reorganize".

A feasibility study was done on reorganizing Bushnell Prairie City, Abingdon and Avon school districts.

The recommended consolidation would go like this.

Bushnell Prairie City would hold the high school students, which would be about 540.

Abingdon would house junior high students, which would either be grades five or six through eight.

And then each community would have their own Pre-K through fourth or fifth grade.

We spoke with Bushnell Prairie City Superintendent Dave Messersmith about why the districts went forward with this study.

"I think that all three of the communities wanted to keep their options open. And to see what's in the best interest of their students and move forward with something that could be bigger and better than what we could offer right now," said Messersmith.

"The next step is definitely to educate the community and to give them an opportunity to voice to our board of education. Our board of education hasn't made a stance on this, they said yes to the feasibility study, we have the feasibility study and now they're trying to educate the people and find out what direction they want to go for their students," said Messersmith.

Bushnell Prairie City Superintendent David Messersmith says the recommendations of the study are not necessarily going to happen.

Each district will hold town hall meetings to discuss the findings of the study and answer any questions from the public.

If the communities choose to go ahead with the consolidation it would have to be voted on and passed in all three districts.

The first meeting will be held Thursday, March 4rd.

That meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. in the Bushnell Prairie City auditorium.