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      Father-son doctor duo takes on patients together

      There's a new doctor duo taking on patients in Hannibal.

      You may be familiar with Dr. Kevin Imhof at Hannibal Clinic, but recently, he welcomed his son as a partner to his practice.

      "I think it was probably in high school when I had the opportunity to job shadow him that I realized, hey, this is something I'd definitely be interested in doing and since then, it's always been my dream to come back and work with him," Dr. Justin Imhof said.

      That dream came true for Dr. Justin Imhof in August when he became a partner at his dad's practice at Hannibal Clinic. Dr. Kevin Imhof has been seeing patients at the Hannibal Clinic since 1989, when Justin was a fourth-grader.

      "For him to ultimately decide he wants to come here and be my partner, that's just a dream come true," Dr. Kevin Imhof said.

      Justin didn't end up with his dad by chance. When he says he followed in his footsteps, he means it.

      "I attended medical school in Kirksville, Missouri," Justin said. Which is the same school his dad attended. Did you do that on purpose? "You bet!" Justin said.

      From Kirksville, Justin went on to spend five years in Joplin where he completed his residency.

      "It's exciting and he's fresh from the academic setting and has been exposed to all the newest technologies. We compliment each other really well, because I've got the 25 years of patient management and so forth," Kevin said.

      "There's all kinds of things his experience has been able to teach me and you don't always get into a residency with a lot of practical knowledge. So it's been extremely fun and we've gotten to work with each other on a few cases, and I continue to learn a lot from him," Justin said.

      The Imhof doctor duo is also a big plus for the patients.

      "To get a second opinion with ear nose and throat, I used to have to send them to Quincy or Columbia or St. Louis. Now, I can just send them down the hallway to get a second opinion which is nice for me and the patients as well," Kevin said.

      A second opinion that's expected to stick around town for quite some time.

      "I spent my entire young life trying to get out of Hannibal like most people do, and I've spent most of my adulthood trying to get back. So I've been very happy to be back with family and friends," Justin said.

      This isn't the first time father and son have worked together in Hannibal.

      In 2009 Cardiologist Dr. Edward Ha joined the Hannibal Regional Medical Group...and works alongside his father and fellow cardiologist Dr. Richard Ha.

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