Fatal traffic crashes reach new low in Iowa

Last year the state of Iowa saw the least amount of fatal accidents since the World War two era, and this year is shaping up to be even lower.

So far this year there have been 191 traffic crash fatalities on Iowa roadways.

At this time in 2009 there were 227, that year ended with 372 fatal accidents in Iowa.

So far there has been a 16% decrease in fatal traffic crashes across the state.

We asked an Iowa State Patrol trooper how a continual decrease in fatal accidents is possible while dealing with budget cuts

"I think technology has helped a great deal. They locate problems areas. In general I think all departments, city state and county all do that. They locate their areas where they're having problems, fatalities, bad accidents, speed complaints, whatever and then we can concentrate on those areas," said Trooper Paul Rairden.

Here's a few other reasons Trooper Paul Rairden says fatal accidents are decreasing in Iowa.

The state has a 93% complaince rate when it comes to bucklin up and it is the second lowest in the nation when it comes to alcohol related fatalities.