Faster internet speeds making their way to the tri-states

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced the completion of a $100 million project to build over 1,000 miles of high-speed internet cable.

"Connectivity is very, very, important in the 21st century for everyone," Illinois Governor Pat Quinn said. "We've got to make this universal."

Over 50 counties, including Adams, Brown, and Pike, are on the list to receive the latest in fiber-optic internet. Internet speeds will be 25 times faster than current speeds.

Jim Broemmer is the CEO of Adams Network, an internet and phone provider in Quincy. He says the faster speeds will be better for people who work from home, stream movies and music, or play video games online. Governor Quinn also talked about another major benefit.

"This is very important for our education, and by the investment that we've made we've helped many of our school districts all across Illinois, really be able to use the online educational tools that are available for our students now,â?? Quinn said.

As of now, the service is only available for commercial use. But if you're interested, Broemmer said to log onto

"There a place where you can go, click on it, take a survey, that let's us know where the interest is so we're watching that closely to see where the interest is," he said.