Farm Safety Awareness Day in Denver, Illinois

Paramedics and firefighters from across the state took part in Farm Safety Awareness Day Saturday afternoon. From 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., the emergency responders practiced extinguishing propane tank fires, participating in grain bin rescues and assisting in PTO and ATV emergencies. Hancock County Paramedic Eli Shirley says most of these accidents can be prevented.

"One thing we've learned in the years I've been here is most injuries are caused by number one, farmers or employees working alone. Second, short on time, and then fatigue," said Shirley.

"Why is it important to have this today?"

"So you can always be safe around farm equipment and fires," said Ben Kling, who came out today for the first time to watch the different activities.

Also in attendance at today's safety drills was Max Armstrong, an agricultural journalist who also appears regularly on RFD-TV.