Farm machinery going the distance thanks to drought waivers

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is warning drivers of farm machinery on the roads.

Due to the state granting drought-related waivers, it's forcing some farmers to travel longer distances to obtain hay, silage and grain.

Also, with harvesting season on-going officers want to make sure you are sharing the road with those vehicles carrying agriculture equipment.

"A lot of cases we'll see traffic crashes involving farm related machinery because motorist are maybe in a hurry, and try to make a pass when it's not safe to do," Sgt. Brent Bernhardt of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said. "We encourage people to slow down and watch for those pieces of machinery."

There's also precautions vehicles carrying agriculture equipment should take.

They should be driving in the daylight hours.

However, if they are driving at night the vehicles are required to have lighting equipment, slow moving emblems and it's also always good to have an escort with you.

(KTVO reporter Brandon Smith contributed to this story.)