F.A.R.M. concerned about large hog farm

Karen Hudson, with Illinois Citizens for Clean Air and Water, speaks to F.A.R.M. in Pike County, Ill.

Pike County, Illinois residents say it's time to stand up for their rights and their health.

Thursday night, a group called F.A.R.M. met for the second time, this time in Griggsville.

F.A.R.M. Stands for Families Against Rural Messes.

Members are concerned about a large-scale hog confinement on its way to the New Salem, Illinois area.

"We have had a livestock facility proposed for our neighborhood, and it was just passed from the Illinois Department of Agriculture at the beginning of September," F.A.R.M. Co-Organizer Barb Risley said. "We were sorry to hear that, but it is very, very close to family land, right on the property line and we have three homes in the family that will be affected by the odor. We just feel it's too close, and we would like to change those setbacks."

Risley said she found out about last week's approval by filing a Freedom of Information Act request. Thursday night, F.A.R.M. brought in a speaker to educate the community about the dangers, obstacles and challenges surrounding large-scale farm operations. Karen Hudson serves as director of a group called, "Illinois Citizens for Clean Air and Water."

"She has been active in this group for about 16 years," Risley said. "We knew she was a lot more knowledgeable then we were on the subject and were wanting to bring in some of these experts to help us get down the road a little faster."

Risley said she doesn't want a large-scale hog farm near her property, but if it happens, she'd like to see larger setbacks between the facility and property lines. She also would like to see all of the area communities facing the same problems join forces to keep the area as healthy as possible.

If you'd like to learn more about F.A.R.M. or contact the group, Risley advised anyone to e-mail the group at

KHQA posed a question on our Facebook page asking residents what *you* thought about large-scale hog farm operations.

Many users posted in favor of these facilities, saying that Pike County, Illinois needs more jobs and revenue.

One person posted that if this large-scale hog farm brings in revenue, then they can deal with a little stink.

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