Family of 5 escapes death in Lewistown, MO

One Lewistown Missouri family is extremely lucky to be alive after two trees fell on their house.

One tree crushed the house with a dad and four kids, aged seven, ten, and 14 inside.

Jeff Smith says, "Crunching . Wood breaking. You don't really listen for the sounds because I was more tuned in on the kids. I don't remember hearing the tree. I just remember everything falling on my head. I heard the kids screaming and I tried to get back to where they've at and safe."

Jeff Smith tracked the storm on TV, and once the wind picked up and one tree fell, he gathered his kids together in the living room. He left to find a mattress to cover the windows to protect his family. That's when the second tree crashed into the house.

Smith says, "It's terrifying because when you have kids in one room and you're in another room and you're trying to get to them. Stuff is falling on your head."

Most of that stuff was blown in insulation.

Smith says, "Couldn't hardly talk because it was in your mouth, your eyes. You couldn't see because your face was covered. The kids were laying on the floor and they were just buried. We all got covered in insulation. I got them all gathered up and put them under the dinner table. I got to looking around the house making sure it was safe to leave."

Smith did have to pull one of his daughters out from under some lumber. Thankfully, no one was hurt too badly. He called a neighbor with a basement to see if they could take shelter there."

Smith says, "Went to open the back door and it took us about three times to get out because we didn't really want to go. The wind was blowing, it was raining. Finally we got in the truck and we had to go over limbs and got to the neighbors house with the basement. After that it was pretty smooth sailing because the storm was over."

But not before destroying his house and just about everything inside.

Smith says, "It's totalled. The roof is now the ceiling. The ceiling is now kind of in the hallway. The walls are buckled out. It's just trashed."

Smith has friends who live in the county with a full basement, it even has a kitchenette, so his family has a place to stay until they can get back on their feet again.