Family and American history meet at local restaurant

Boonedocks Restaurant is located in Perry, Illinois.

Small towns in the Tri-States are full of history and unique shops.

One area restaurant named Boonedocks, has special ties to a famous American frontiersman.

"I'm related to Daniel Boone, I am the five-great grand niece of Daniel Boone," Reca Risley, the owner of the Perry, Ill. restaurant the Boonedocks said. "So, it's his brother that I'm a direct descendant of. Some of them settled here and their descendants are here. There are so many of us, and I realized I'm just one of many, but very proud of that. I want people to come and experience small town America."

This restaurant was opened in 2008, and features country style cooking, the way Risley hopes Daniel Boone might have eaten.

"You'd be surprised, most people that's been here their whole life probably is part of Daniel Boone's family, which is interesting, and I invite people to look their heritage up and try to figure that all that out for themselves. It's interesting to know where you've come from," she said.

Risley wants to share a piece of her family tree with her customers, and bring American history to Perry.

"I want everybody to understand that we're a small, little town but we definetly have a big heart," she said. "And we want to welcome everybody that comes here, comes to the restaurant, comes to the little town of Perry to just understand that we love everybody and we would welcome them with open arms."

The town of Perry was originally named Booneville.

It was named by Daniel Boone's grandnephew, Edward Boone Scholl. The town's later changed its name.