Families enjoy cool fun at Quincy Winter Festival

Having fun at the Winter Festival.

It may have been a bit cold outside on Saturday, but that didn't stop families from getting out and having some fun.

In fact we're so used to cold weather in the tri-states that it was not a surprise that families bundled up to enjoy the Winter Festival in Clat Adams park.

The event was sponsored by the Quincy Park District.

Recreation and Marketing supervisor for the Quincy Park District Tim Klobe says events like this remind people that they can enjoy the parks all year long.

" You can come down and walk a dog in the winter time," says Klobe. "You can come down and enjoy just exercise when its cold out. Because even when its not icy you can still walk on the paths that we have in any of our 28 parks in the Quincy area. So it was a great opportunity for us to know just because its cold out you can still use the park and have some fun in it."

Kids enjoyed winter themed games like ice fishing and musical sleds.

But one of the biggest highlights of the event was the River Skate ice rink.

Partnering with the Park District, River Skate owner Chris Dye says events like the Winter Festival are good for his business as well.

" We're great partners with the Park District," says Dye. " We love them hosting this great event down here, getting a lot of kids down here, a lot of families. We love the affordable aspect of it. We like to keep our prices low. 20 buck for a family of four. We just like having good family fun around the park."

Tim Klobe says that most important thing about the Winter Festival is that it is a great safe time for families to get out and have some fun.

" To get families out there, active and enjoying the wonderful parks that we are so luck to have in the Quincy area."

125 people came out to enjoy the fun of this years Winter Festival