Facebook timeline: Ready or not, here it comes

Calling all Facebook users~the time is here. The timeline, that is.

The massive phase-in of this new Facebook feature is winding down. It should be mandatory for all users by Friday.

If you haven't yet converted to timeline, Facebook will do it for you, like it or not. When that happens, you'll have seven days to modify it, improve it, reshuffle it, but not delete it. After your week's grace period, it goes live on your profile, period.

Facebook rolled out timeline last year, but users have had months to get used to the idea. The company seemed afraid of a massive backlash if everyone's profiles changed cold turkey.

On its blog

, Facebook sells the timeline as â??a new kind of profile that lets you highlight the photos, posts and life events that help you tell your story.â??

In other words, the timeline is a massive scrapbook. It lays out your pictures, your work history, your likes, your friends--everything you've ever posted--into one location. You can choose to tone it down if you don't want to regurgitate your entire life for the public to see.

It's especially important that businesses using Facebook tool the timeline to highlight information, because it can be a vital marketing tool. Click here for three tips for last-minute timeline upgrades.

Timeline is getting mixed reviews. We want to know what you think. Did you voluntarily make the switch or are you letting Facebook do the work for you? Do you like the new format? What would you change? Let us know here, or on our Facebook page (which you'll notice has not switched to the new format yet ;) We'll have some of your reaction, and nationwide reviews in our next blog post.

Take care~Sarah D.