Extreme heat hits horses hard

We're all dealing with extreme heat this week, and that includes our animal friends.

Horses are like people. They have individual personalities and behaviors. Like humans, this heat can prove to be they also need plenty of water and shade during this extreme heat. Click here to watch tips on water and shade from KHQA This Morning.

Diane Frazier, of Mendon, has been around horses all her life. She puts up fans for her seven horses and gives them the option to go in and out of the stable at their leisure. It's also important to schedule exercise at the appropriate times if possible.

"We ride early morning or late evening and avoid the heat of the day, because they're like us and they get grouchy when they get hot," said Frazier.

When you ride, make sure to groom before and after the ride, and hose a horse off after ride in this heat.

One thing you may not know is that horses can be sunburned like people. Click here to learn more. The most susceptible to the sun are horses with light skin like Rebel here. That's why its important for horse owners to apply sunscreen to the horse's face and eye areas.

Another thing to consider, horses can suffer from heat stroke just like humans. If that happens, the key is a slow cool down.

"We want to get them cooled down as quickly as possible, but not so quick that they go into shock. We spray water on their legs until we see that their breathing isn't so rapid. Then we gradually work up their body. The main heat points are between their legs and their back legs and so keep those areas as cool as they can," said Frazier.

Click here to learn more from KHQA This Morning.

And like us, horses like a good breeze - man-made or otherwise.

"They'll hear me coming with the fans and run into the barn," said Frazier.

So take a lesson from these wise creatures. In this heat, camp out in a cool place and wait out the hot summer heat.

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