Expect the price of trash pick up to go up in 2014

There's a very good chance that the price to pick up your trash is going up in Quincy in 2014.

After holding a couple of public hearings, and getting input from the people, Mayor Kyle Moore has decided to back down from his plan to hire a private firm for garbage and recycling ... for now.

Instead, he has another proposal.

"Not one single person in those public forums said to do nothing," Mayor Kyle Moore said.

Mayor Kyle Moore says people might not have liked his original proposal, but he wants everyone to know he's listening. He's proposing that the city of Quincy keep providing garbage and recycling services. In the proposal, he suggests raising the price of garbage stickers from fifty cents to $1.50 a piece. He also wants to officially lift the ban on allowing outside trash companies to pick up garbage inside the city limits. For doing that, he'd like a five percent franchise fee tacked on to the monthly cost.

"This will allow those individuals who don't want to use the sticker program to go ahead and keep their private hauler. They will have a slight fee increase, but that allows us to recapture some of the revenue that we lose from those constituents that use a private hauler," Moore said.

The money raised from the increases would help buy new trucks in the future.

"I think people understand that the sticker price hasn't been raised since 1991, but it's still an incredibly good deal. Most communities who offer a sticker-only program are paying an average of three dollars a sticker," Moore said.

Mayor Moore says his idea to raise the sticker price better reflects today's costs. He also wants to make sure the city doesn't find itself in the same situation in the future, so his proposal also adds at least a three percent increase to the cost of stickers every year. Keep in mind, this is all a proposal at this point. This idea next will go to the Finance and Garbage and Recycling Committees to hash out the price of stickers.

"There might be a little [discussion] in the price of stickers. I've heard some aldermen talking about that, but letters and phone calls I've gotten say they are willing to pay more than what the administration has offered," 7th Ward Alderman Jack Holtschlag said.

After the committees hash out details, the plan would go to the full city council who would have the final say. The final decision is at least four or five weeks away.

Mayor Kyle Moore says he's not done with a flat fee plan.

He says a lot of discussion has to happen first, but maybe in three or four years, the city could look at the option again.