Ever wonder what postal workers go through to get you your mail?

UPDATED: Friday, Feb. 4, 2011 11:19 a.m.

Melissa Cummins just posted this on Facebook:

Thank you County Road Crew for your hard work! Came down our gravel road at 9 pm last night! And a big Thank You to my Uncle, Pinky VanWinkle, who was here at 5 am this morning to clear our drive way to the gravel lane and free us!! We're going to town !!!!!!


Last on the snow plow lists are gravel roads and dead-end lanes.

We found one Hannibal family trapped at the end of both.

While mom and kids spent time together snowed in, "neither snow nor rain" nor three feet of snow could keep dad from his job.

KHQA's Jarod Wells has the story.

Rick Cummins said, "Lots of drifting. The plow really hasn't been up my lane yet. My drive was totally covered."

Blizzard conditions and more than 20 inches of snow certainly seems like a legitimate reason to miss a day or two of work. That is unless you're Rick Cummins from the Hannibal Post Office. Here's how his house off Route O in Hannibal looks. His family has been stranded inside since the storm hit earlier this week. But not Rick, he had a job to do and was going to get to work.

Cummins said, "Walked part of the way, jogged a little bit and then one of my customers noticed me on Industrial Drive and turned around and gave me a ride to the post office yesterday."

And Thursday a co-worker picked him up, but both times he was picked up after having walked and jogged quite a ways.

Cummins said, "Maybe 4 or 5 miles."

How are your legs feeling right now?

Cummins said, "I'm on fumes right now. I used to be a distance runner to and they were quivering yesterday."

Meanwhile his wife and three kids are still snowed in.

Melissa Cummins said, "We are such a busy family. I have two teenage daughters and a six year old little boy and everyone is so active in different things and we're usually at dance studios four nights a week, so this has given us an opportunity to reconnect."

16 year old Ashley tried to dig the family out, but wasn't getting to far. She says she's ready for things to go back to normal.

Ashley Cummins said, "I miss my friends a lot. I wish we went to school so I could see them, but I've been talking to them on Facebook. I wish I was in town so I would be able to see them more often."

Thankful isn't a word you would think would be used very much in this storm, but that's exactly how Rick feels.

Rick Cummins said, "I'm just thankful to have a job to come to. There's people all around that don't even have a job right now and I just feel blessed to be able to have a job to come to and have the ability to make it there."

Melissa Cummins said the family had stocked up on food and water before the storm hit so they have plenty of supplies.